Responsible Gambling

Beulabet is dedicated to promoting Responsible Gambling and believes that gambling can be a fun leisure activity when done responsibly. However, we understand that for some individuals, gambling can become problematic. To assist you, we offer various advice and account options to help you manage your gambling responsibly. These options give you control over your time and money spent on gambling.

1. It is advisable to avoid gambling when feeling depressed or upset as it can impair decision-making abilities. It is important to ensure that you are in a positive and clear-headed state before engaging in gambling activities.

2. It is crucial to maintain a balance between gambling and other forms of entertainment. Relying solely on gambling for amusement may indicate a potential issue, and it is important to diversify your leisure activities.

3. To safeguard your financial limits and prevent impulsive decisions, it is recommended to set Daily, Weekly and Monthly financial limits. 

4. Taking regular breaks while gambling is essential as it can prevent losing track of time and perspective. It is beneficial to step away from the gambling environment and engage in other activities such as getting fresh air or having a meal at regular intervals.

5. Avoid chasing your losses by trying to win back what you've lost. Stick to your predetermined money limit rather than increasing your bets to recover losses.

6. It is highly advised to refrain from drinking alcohol or using drugs while gambling. These substances can impair judgment and compromise your ability to make sound decisions, which serves as your primary defence against letting gambling spiral out of control.

7. Instead of viewing gambling as a way to make money, see it as an entertainment expense, similar to buying a movie ticket.

8. Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose, sticking to your weekly entertainment budget and avoiding using funds for essential expenses like rent or bills.

9. Set a money limit in advance and stick to it. Once you reach that limit, stop playing. If you win, consider it luck, but don't get disappointed if your luck doesn't continue.

10. Set a predetermined time limit or use an alarm to avoid losing track of time while gambling. When the time is up, quit playing. Spending more time gambling usually results in more losses.

Consider utilizing a gambling blocking software to restrict your access to gambling websites. There are two types of blocking software available: gambling-specific and general blocking software. Gambling-specific software is designed to prevent access to gambling websites, while general blocking software can be used to block a wide range of websites and can also be used for parental controls. It is advisable to research and find the most suitable product for your needs, as some are free while others require payment. Note that Beulabet cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise from using the software. Additionally, if you feel that you are spending too much time or money on gambling, you can inquire about how to close your account.

You may also visit gambling therapy sites that offer free practical advice and emotional support to anyone affected by problem gambling.

If you feel that your gambling has become problematic, you have the ability to request for a self-exclude period to be applied to your account. During self-exclusion, you will have access to the website so you can see your account history and information but you will not be able to place any bets and make deposits. When permanent Self-exclusion is selected, you shall not have access to any gambling services at all. You will be able to revoke Self-exclusion in the shop at 4A Railway Avenue, Bulawayo

If an individual feels that they are spending excessive amounts of time or money on gambling activities and would like to close your account, please contact BEULABET staff at 4A Railway Ave, Bulawayo